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What is tax planning and how much does it cost?

Many times, clients will come to me AFTER they get their tax bill and ask if there's anything I can do to reduce their tax bill.

The answer is: probably not. At least not for the year that has already passed (unless credits or deductions were missed).

However, with some careful planning, we can absolutely help.

We help our clients save tens of thousands of dollars by proactively implementing tax strategies throughout the year. Tax planning allows us to do this.

Tax planning is a proactive approach that allows us to:

  1. Project the current year tax liability

  2. Identify tax saving opportunities

  3. Implement tax strategies to minimize the tax liability BEFORE the year ends

Ok, but how much does it cost? Tax planning can be an investment of $500+, depending on your situation. However, it is well worth the investment considering the tax savings. Recently, I was able to reduce my clients tax liability by $40,000 by helping her implement tax strategies. Not a bad deal considering the current and future tax savings!

We recommend hiring an accountant that packages this service with bookkeeping, tax preparation, or both. An accountant that does your bookkeeping and tax prep should have a relationship with you, which makes advising on tax strategies much more effective.

If you are paying too much in taxes and need an expert to help you save money, schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me today!---->>

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