What's the biggest investment you've made for your business so far?

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

It may be a monetary investment in your education, assets, marketing, etc. That may be true on paper... that's what your bank account and financial statements have been telling you, right? 📊

I disagree. I am inclined to believe that your TIME is a much larger investment than anything your money can ever buy for your business. You use your time to come up with ideas, generate revenues, add value to others, etc.

Your time is what makes your business a SUCCESS! Each passing day, be grateful for the time you've been able to devote to your business. 💚

⏳It's important to remember that money is a resource that CAN be replaced. Time, on the other hand, CANNOT be replaced ⌛️

How can you get the greatest return on your investment?

⭐️ Consider building relationships with talented people that are going to help you BUILD your business up

⭐️ Consider outsourcing to individuals that are experts in what they do

⭐️ Consider focusing on your strengths and delegate EVERYTHING else

Think about how much it is costing you to figure out everything on your own...

✨ Investing your time wisely and strategically is the best thing you'll ever do for your business! ✨

How do you spend your time? 🤔

Until next time, CEOs!


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